Small but Important Riots – A Book Update

This link will provide an update on my new book, Small but Important Riots, The Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville, including a cover shot, publication date, and pricing. Rather than a simple revision of the earlier edition, that is a few scattered updates and refreshed maps, every page of this edition is new, with new information, interpretations, and conclusions. Readers will find additional information by scrolling down the Potomac Books page and following the additional links.

4 thoughts on “Small but Important Riots – A Book Update

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Potomac Books placed the book in the Fall/Winter book catalog that folks at B&N and other outlets look at and make their book buying decisions from, so time will tell.


  2. Barnes and Noble has it available for pre-order, with a 1/1/23 shipping date. There is a pre-order discount of 25% through Friday, but I don’t know if this is a members-only thing.


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