About the Blog


My first book has been out of print for many years.  I am grateful that it was well received and remains in demand.  I am currently working on a completely new edition of the book – thus the title of this blog.  The phrase Small but Important Riots, is credited to Capt. John Ames, 11th U.S. Infantry.  Ames was near Aldie on June 21, 1863 as the cavalry fought around Upperville, about 12 miles west of Aldie.  He listened to the battle throughout the day, explaining later the cavalry was fighting “small but important riots.”

I plan to retain the same title for the new edition, though the narrative will be completely redone, and, hopefully, greatly improved.  The maps, which I believed were rather cutting edge in the early 1990s, now look archaic and will be updated as well.

I have been searching the Civil War records of the National Archives for thirty years, especially the last twenty years since the book was first published.  I hope that some of the previously unpublished reports, communications and soldier records that I have located will advance the narrative and the understanding of the battles at Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville in June 1863.

This blog will focus on the Union cavalry and will feature information on officers, regiments and battles, as well as life in the cavalry in general.  At the heart of most of the posts will be a document or documents from the National Archives.