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My parents instilled a strong interest in both reading and history, and those interests led me to study the American Civil War, specifically the Union Cavalry.  In recent years I have honed my interest in the cavalry to the crucial year of 1863.

I have guided tours of the Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville battlefields, as well as several tours of Mosby’s Confederacy along with Mosby historian Horace Mewborn.  I have also guided tours of Indian War sites in Wyoming, Montana and Kansas for Bruce Venter and America’s History, LLC.

I have spoken to numerous Civil War Roundtables and am a member of the Rappahannock Valley Civil War Roundtable.  I am also a member of the Civil War Trust and the Mosby Heritage Area Association.

Bob O’Neill

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I enjoy this blog very much and am going to get a copy of your book Chasing Stuart and Mosby at the first opportunity. Thank you!


      • We have a home in King George County not far from Marmion that you discuss in one of your blogs. The home is a former plantation house, Mount Stuart, built in 1795. Do you have any information on Union or Confederate activity at the property? I understand you live in KG County?


      • Byron,

        I do not have information about Mount Stuart. The KG Historical Society produced a book on the old homes of the county, but I loaned my copy and never got it back. If you have not already done so, you might check with the historical society, as they may have a file on Mount Stuart.


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