Decision at Tom’s Brook

I decided early on not to write book reviews on this site.  Other sites are dedicated to that noble task and, as the historians and reviewers at those sites do a terrific job, I will leave the book reviews to them.  I am, however, happy to make readers aware of new books of special merit.

William J. Miller is a valued friend, and I am happy to mention that his new book, Decision at Tom’s Brook, George Custer, Thomas Rosser, and the Joy of the Fight, has just been released by Savas Beatie.  I was honored when Bill asked me to read an early draft of the manuscript.

The battle of Tom’s Brook has, to this point, largely been lost to history, bracketed as it is by larger battles of the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.  In a tight, expertly crafted and stirring read, Bill blows the dust off the events of October 9, 1864 and places them in proper context.  He also examines the post-battle controversies – the second battle of Tom’s Brook, if you will – and places those disputes in proper context as well.

Decision at Tom’s Brook is a labor of love, but it is not a labor to read.  It is, rather, a Joy to read.

I also recommend Bill’s website

2 thoughts on “Decision at Tom’s Brook

  1. And like Bill Hupp, I just ordered my own “Tom’s Brook” copy from Bill Miller..
    Our friend Bob Krick–who is known to be sparse with his compliments–just informed me a couple of days ago that Bill’s latest effort, “as usual,” was first-rate, and boasted “wonderful prose.”
    Congratulations, Bill!


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